set apart

Have you ever felt forgotten? Left out? Unsure what your purpose is?

Me too. often.

But I have to constantly remind myself of God's promises. He tells us that joy comes in the morning no matter how many tears were shed the night before. His mercies are new each day even when we don't deserve it.


In the moments when you feel most alone, you are not being set aside, but set apart.

God created each of us to be different. Each made uniquely by the creator of the universe. If we were all meant to be exactly the same, then the world would be full of robots. There would be no life, no joy.

But that's not what God wants. He wants YOU, just as you are.


You have been given an assignment that requires preparation. God is using this period of waiting, pain, heartache, etc. to mold, shape, and prepare you for the goodness that is to come.

God has placed a calling inside our hearts, and with time you will figure out what that may be and this looks different for all of us. Some seem to have it figured out, while for others it may take longer.

For me, I've felt a call to teach children for years. It all truly started when I was a tiny girl and I would line up all my dolls and teach them lessons (ask my family, they were often some of my students too haha). Then in the 8th grade I got the opportunity to lead in Children's ministry which stretched me and opened my eyes in many ways, but also confirmed my love for teaching and my heart for children. Now, I am in college pursuing a degree in elementary education.


It's been a challenge at times for me to talk about our God-given purposes, or callings, to other people when it seemsas though I have everything figured out.

First of all, no one has everything figured out and things aren't always as easy as they seem on the outside.

Secondly, I still don't have a perfect answer, but I do know that everyone's main purpose here on earth is the further the Lord's kingdom.

Begin there. Begin to pursue Christ and share the things you learn with those around you. In time you will figure out your passion. You will figure out what job you are suppose to have. You will figure out answers as to why you had to go through the painstaking things you did.

No matter how unqualified you think you are, if God has put something on your heart, you have been, or are being, equipped for it. God doesn't call only the most qualified like companies do, God qualifies the called. He can use you just as you are, no matter how bruised and broken you may feel.


"We were made by the same Potter from different clay. We won't be the same shapes or made for the same use. We were made to be wildly unique - drastically different from the next. Celebrate the different people. We were never made to fit the same mold." - Han Elaine

Don't compare yourself to others. You aren't running the same race, God has a special path made just for you. Look up and keep your eyes on the ultimate prize! Follow the creator, not just the crowd.

You are special. You are loved. You are not forgotten.

You have a purpose.


"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." 1 Peter 2:9