Is anyone here a planner? I know I am!

I think we can all agree that we like to be in control in some shape or form. Whether you are the person with a cute calendar and colorful pens who lines out every part of your days, weeks, and months, or the person who has never owned a planner in your life, we all have some plan or idea of how we want our future to pan out.

However, as we have learned in the year of 2020, things don't always go as planned.....

Over the years I have had to learn to be okay when things don't always go as I imagine. This year especially, the Lord has been teaching me how to let go of my need to be in control and trust in his plan because it's the only one that really matters.

I am the type of person who likes to know ahead of time exactly what I'm going to be doing the next day, from what I'm going to wear to what food I'm going to eat to the order that I'm going to complete my homework in. When things tend to change throughout the day, it normally takes me a good bit to process and adjust my schedule. Not that the things that pop up are even bad things, they normally end up being better than what I had planned, but it's just that they weren't what I originally had in mind. Is anyone else like this?


Planning for the season you are in is amazing and can bring productivity, contentment, and peace. However, planning for the seasons you are in yet, planning for something without knowing the variables can result in disappointment, discontent, anxiety, and distrust in God's direction. Five and ten year plans sound great, but there is no way to plan for the changes that could happen over such a long period of time. By not planning for the season I'm not in yet, control is released which also releases anxiety. Releasing the future to a trustworthy God releases the need to prepare for things that may never even happen.

Our future is way out of our own control. I may think I know what tomorrow holds, but truthfully I have no clue. Why rely on the world, which is constantly changing, when you can rely the Constant himself? Relying on the things of this world is a slippery slope. You're gonna fall. But when you choose to rely on Christ and remain in Him, when you fall, you will never fall outside of him. You'll fall in him, not off him.

God does have a plan and purpose for our lives, but we were never promised that He'd reveal these purposes all at once, in advance. While we may not be promised a five year plan, God promised us multiple times never to leave or forsake us. And in case you didn't know, God doesn't break his promises! :)


Friends, today I encourage you to release all control and find joy in the present.

Seasons come and seasons go. Be here - right where he has placed you.