His Love

I just want to take a minute today to tell you about my first love...
a love that is kindone that is gentlea love that never failsone that does not envy or boasta love that can't be bought or earneda love that is sacrifical an adament love


In a world that places pressure and values pleasure, we so often hand over the kind of love I just described in return for a high that only lasts a moment, leaving many hopeless and hurting.
Those who don't feel loved are going to do desperate things in order to feel loved, but those things are going to make them feel empty because they're gonna realize that whatever they are doing is not protected or blessed by God. That is where the enemy gets the foothold and your identify becomes something that God never intended it to be.
So wait.
Take the the time to get to know my first love because he can be your first love too. God gave me a greater love than those that could be won or lost.
The world may tell you what you need to be happy and feel good about yourself, but everything that we need was provided by our God, who loves us without end.
He loves you.
He chose you and he'll continue to choose you.
You weren't chosen on the day that you turned to Christ, that is the day that you chose him. You were chosen in Christ long before the fountians of the deep were formed. You came alive to this truth on the day that you were born again.
Whoever is reading this, on the days you are struggling with this truth, pray something similar to this,"God, I may not feel loved or lovable, but Your Word says that You love me so much that You gave Your Son for me. I don't know why I continue to feel unloved, but in this moment I am choosing to believe the truth of Your word. I rebuke the enemy's attempt to make me doubt Your love for me."
Song of songs 8:6 reveals the passionate type of love you were created for:
"Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame."
These are the words of the church speaking to Christ. The bride of Christ, the church, desires to have a fixed abiding place in his heart. To continue firmly in his love, and to have further manifestations of it. To always be remembered and supported by him. To be forever on his mind, and constantly under his care and protection and to have a full assurance of interest in his love, and in his power, which is the sealing work of his Spirit.
A seal upon your heart....
God's engagement to you goes wayyyyy deeper than a ring on your finger. He would never trust a promise so precious to an item that could be easily lost or stolen.
So wait for the one who loves like Him.
I promise it will be worth it.