Genesis 1

Most of us here are probably pretty familiar with Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth....." but I feel like we often skim through this chapter, knowing that this is when God creates all things and miss the impact of what He is saying.


The world around us is so broken, especially right now, but really all the time. Ask anyone on the front lines what they see on a daily basis. They see broken marriages, wounds, disease, death. They hear from liars and manipulators. It's terrible.

Even if you do not know a firefighter or police officer who is usually the first to a scene, you can watch the news and find out about the things that are falling apart in front of all of us. The mass shootings, the protests, a missing child, hurricanes or tornados....

However, I believe that the bad things that we see and feel all around us serve a purpose in God's mission to recreate or restore something that has been lost and destroyed. They continue to remind us about the realities that we so often forget, yet He uses them to provoke us toward truth. "Bad news is the backdrop against which good news really shines (Recovering Redemption)."


In Genesis 1:1, God creates the heavens and the earth, the sun, moon, and stars, vegetation, living creatures.... and man, made in His own image.

Repeatedly, the bible says, "and God saw that it was good."

What an understatement that was.

Everything He created was perfect. He was perfect. Life was just there to be lived within the unbroken freedom and shame-free fellowship that existed between mankind and God.

The world was at perfect peace.

Hard to image the world being at perfect peace, right??

But it was. There was a time when the first man and woman never had to consider there being a better life than this. There was a time when nothing was threatening or unsafe. Nothing around them was dead or dying.

The triune God of the universe - Father, Son, and Spirit - did not need to create all of these things. They did not need you. God was not bored one day and decide to create someone new that he could talk to or hangout with. The triune God already existed in perfect contentment with each other, but in celebration of their fullness and perfect fellowship, they began speaking the powerful words that accomplished the creation of all things.


Despite the world being at perfect peace, the original man and woman still needed God. Not because they were fallen and sinful, but because they were simply human. We were created from the beginning to live in a loving, dependent relationship with Him.

So often we concentrate on how sinful we are and can't even begin to imagine the perfect peace that the Lord offers to us. Jeremiah 17:9 states that "the heart is deceitful above all things," which is so very true. We are born with a sinful nature, but it's important to note that man was not corrupt and depleted from the very beginning. Even on the 7th day, sin wasn't there.

I tell you this because "we'll always find it hard to understand our dysfunction unless we understand what it means to function." We have to realize that in Genesis 1, God has already shown us that He can take what is broken, dark, and empty, and breathe His precious life into the most lifeless situations.

Maybe you're feeling a bit sad and empty right now, weighed down by the pressure to perform, the pressure to meet the expectations placed on you, struggling to pay your bills this month, going through the loss of a friend or family member. Whatever it is, God can make all things good. We can't fix our brokenness. Not now or ever. Through God's loving will, if you let Him, He will fix all that you feel is beyond repair in your life.


So today I want you encourage you to bring your brokenness to the Father. Even if you are feeling far from the Lord or have never had a relationship with Him before, through His loving will, He will introduce you to the relationship that we need with Him.

And we will never get over needing Him.