don't turn back

A few months ago I went to Arkansas with some sweet friends of mine. We didn't have too much time, but we wanted to find a lake and soak up a little bit of God's creation. We found a trail and started down the path, not with the intentions of hiking the whole trail, but to take some pretty pictures and enjoy our time before hopping back in the car. We walked for about 15 minutes before we decided to turn back since we didn't have much time and weren't sure how long the hike would take us.

This week, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the same lake and we chose to walk down that same trail. We also did not have a whole lot of time, and once we got to the same spot where my friends and I turned back a few months ago, we thought about doing the same. Not knowing how long the hike would be or where it would lead. But I happened to hear water flowing and said we should keep going. Continuing no more than 5 minutes down the path we stumbled upon a beautiful waterfall!


Sometimes I find that we turn back too fast. We run back to our place of comfort. Either afraid of what's in front of us or weighed down by the struggle of the journey. Affirming others and ourselves with excuses as to why we can't keep going....

God never promised that life would be easy, but He promised that it would be so worth it. Worth all the pain, struggles, and heartache along the way.

God promised to be with us every step of our journey. He promised to overcome in spite of trouble. He promised to make something good out of every storm.

We may sweat, we may be fighting for our next breath, we may fall, we may cry, we may scream, we may tremble....... but the Lord promises the crown of life if we persevere.

Our day to day life is full of challenges, however, let us focus not on those things, but on our ultimate reward of eternal life in heaven. God wants to grow and stretch us so that we can reach more people for His kingdom, so that every person on Earth can enter into this amazing place that God has prepared for us. A place with no tears or pain, a place filled with perfect peace, where all things are made new.


Sweet friend, I can guarantee that while life may not make sense right now, the Lord has something incredible in store for you. You are His child and He knows what's best. Stay focused on the Lord and don't turn back. The treasures in heaven are far greater than any treasure we may receive on Earth.